Building a Wall of Hope

“In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges, and the foolish build dams.” - African Proverb

We are building bridges in Burundi by moving toward our goal of serving surrounding communities with quality healthcare and a vocational training center. To read more about this building complex you can go here.

If you've been following Empower for Hope for very long, you know that we keep taking steps towards our goals and God has been faithful and so have many of you!

Just to recap our timeline:
2015 -- Nonprofit established
2017 -- Held our first medical clinic in Burundi
2018 -- Held our 2nd medical clinic in Burundi and formed a partnership with Cura for the World to build a medical clinic
2019 -- Raised the first half of what we needed to purchase land
2020 -- Raised the second half and purchased a plot land in Rural Burundi
2021 -- ________________________________

And so here we are in 2021. What is our next step?

The Great Wall Hope

We need to build a wall around our land for several reasons. The government mandates that if you purchase land, construction must begin with steady progress toward completion. They don't want stagnant projects, but visible signs that the land is being developed. And we want that too!

Another reason is that we need to protect our land and subsequent construction from thieves or squatters. It's a sad but true reality in the world's poorest countries. Virtually all businesses and homes are walled in Burundi. 

Unexpected Blessings

So during this year, a blessing occured. Our neighbors on one side of our lot built a wall, a very nice one at that! We want to continue that style and complete the wall as soon as possible so that we can break ground for construction!

This is where our 2021 goal comes into focus. We need to raise $15,000 primarily for the wall, but also for land grading.

And so here we are, asking for support -- which is never easy. Many of you have seen the work we've done and the impact we have made with women not only in Burundi but in Charlotte as well. Donors are our life blood to keep us going.

If you do feel led to give, you don't have to do it all at once. You can chose to break it up and set up monthly contributions. It's totally up to you. Any amount is helpful. We are grateful for anything you can give to help us reach our goal!

Here is the link to our Donation Page.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and a part of the impact we are making!








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