Blessings in the Storm

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a storm, from natural disasters to the pandemic to economic and political turmoil we've all experienced. So why would we think we could raise money for land purchase in Burundi in the midst of all of this?

There were days when we had our doubts. But our doubts were quickly met with small and big blessings. And in the middle of the ugliness of life, we found big-hearted people who wanted to help us reach our goal and fulfill the vision of owning land in Burundi. People selflessly donated to our cause who believed in us and the future of a medical clinic serving rural communities.

We are grateful for each of those that had a part in our October fundraiser. So many of you shared our pleas on social media, donated to our silent auction, bid on items, and kept bidding until you won and those who just simply donated from your heart. Big or small, it all worked together to meet our goal of $30,000 in 30(ish) days! We were truly blown away by your generosity! We also knew that God's hand was in every bit of the planning and the execution. We felt his nudging all along the way. He reminds us that after every storm comes HOPE.

We have hope for the future of Burundians. We have hope for what this land will become over time. We have hope for better health, better livelihoods, and better education for those we will touch in the rural area we will serve.

And we are grateful to so many, far too many to name.

But there are a few, in particular, we would like to single out. Thank you to our board members who worked to secure donated auction items, Kat Hoskins and Traci Millea. Also, thank you to board members Elizabeth Milhous and Celeste Bundy, who consulted from behind the scenes! We could not have pulled off the auction without the technical help and campaign planning from Garland West and artistic assistance from Mark Hansen. We also would like to thank some of our most vocal cheerleaders Brooks Haislip, Amanda Thompson, Caroline Dowling, Joni Case, and Noelle Munoz! And a big thanks goes out to Dr. TJ Trad with CURA, who inspires us every day!






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