Come on Spring, do your thing!

Custom Skirt Pop-ups are Getting Ready to Bloom

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."

- Rev.Virgil A. Kraft

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

Who else is hopeful for what is around the bend? Spring is the time to brighten our drab wardrobes and step into something colorful and bright. Our Empower for Hope African print skirts bring pops of color to your wardrobe and hope to our local and East African artisans.

We now have five styles of custom skirts with various lengths. From wraps to fitted, to pleated to ruffled, we have a style for everyone and every occasion. Learn more over on our Custom Skirts Page.

Custom Made Skirts

Get the Skirt Party Started!

We love pairing up with the community to share our story and share our beautiful selection of fabrics and skirts.

Do you have a group of friends that would like to gather for an in-home skirt popup? With Covid, we can host a popup safely out on a patio or porch and turn it into a fun girl's night! It can be a great activity with friends picking out fabrics, getting measured, choosing styles and supporting for Empower for Hope's endeavors in Burundi, Africa.

Book now using our contact form.

Shop Local, Support Global

Our retail partner Chosen Women's Apparel and Fine Art has our skirts in stock almost all of the time, but we also like to offer customers to pick a fabric of their own. Upcoming dates to look for us at Chosen are March 25th. Also, one of our biggest advocates, Brooks Haislip, will be hosting her own event on April 24th. Please reach out to us if you would like to receive an invitation. And of course, always follow our social media to see more dates.


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