Some Impact is Not Measurable

If you've attended an Empower for Hope events, you have most likely heard the story about how Empower for Hope was born and how we started down this road of empowering women. For a video of our founder, telling the story about our beginning.

Over the last ten years, hundreds of women have been infused with hope, dignity, and strength through Amahoro's work in the Bujumbura community in Burundi. No charts or numbers exist to represent the impact Empower for Hope, along with Amahoro, has made over the years. It is immeasurable. But we have stories and stories we could tell of lives that have been transformed.

Empower for Hope has held several small fundraisers to get much-needed surgeries for women and children who sought our help. We have held several makeshift medical clinics in Burundi with our mission teams to serve rural areas that don't have access to quality healthcare. In 2018, we partnered with Cura for the World and held our first large fundraiser in 2019 to raise money for the land we hope to call home. 

We identified a rural area south of the capitol where the community has little to no access to quality healthcare. The area is call Ramba, it's on the Lake Tanganyika border south of the capital of Bujumbura.

We are excited to announce that we have put a down payment on a piece of land that will allow us to plant roots and grow!!!!!

This is HUGE milestone for us at Empower for Hope, and a giant leap forward in making a permanent location for our Amahoro sewing partners as well. 

CURA has spent the last several years building clinics in surrounding African countries; Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. They are very familiar with the impact that can be made with their initiatives for training and equipping local medical staff to serve these communities. But they have taken it one step further.

CURA provides ongoing diagnostic support to local staff. They have developed a team of US physicians to be on call for questions, and consultations. They have a system in place where the local medical teams have the support they need and also have accountability in the care they give. 

To learn more about CURA's research and process of supporting local clinics, click here.

Read about our current Building for Burundi Phase 1 initiative and how you can help us meet our goal of $30 by the end of October.

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