The Hope that 2021 Brings

Last year was momentous for a number of reasons. With your help, we made a gigantic leap in helping our sewing partners, Amahoro Handcrafts, buy land to have a place to further serve the impoverished communities in rural Burundi.

In December, Goreth Inarukundo purchased land south of the capital in the Province of Bujumbura Rural. We are still waiting on final paperwork to reach their hands, but hope to hear that everything is finalized in the next 4-6 weeks.

Our goals for this land are to serve the surrounding community with a medical clinic built in conjunction with fellow non-profit Cura for the World. We hope to also soon create a place that can house a sewing and training facility for the artisans of Amahoro so they can continue teaching women to sew and create products to sell around the world.

Amahoro Handcrafts was founded by Goreth Inarukundo on the premise of helping women who were in need of hope and healing. She trains them to sew and to create products that are sellable in local markets. Her efforts were not just in teaching skills but in healing the women from the inside out. She teaches them Biblical principles that reinforce their worth and their purpose. She helps them provide for their families and become financially stable. She lovingly counsels on how to support and accept others no matter their beliefs or backgrounds. She created a beautiful community which she hopes to build once again.

Since March of last year, the Amahoro Handcrafts sewing program has been disbanded because of lack of US sales, high workspace rent, and the ability to gather to work. Throughout 2020, Empower for Hope’s Charlotte sales of custom-made African print skirts, and other donations have supported 15 artisan families. With the uncertainty of when sales will pick up when air cargo will resume, we feel it is necessary to continue that monthly support.

For $150, a family can pay for housing, food, and school fees for the month. Out of this $150, we will put $25 in an emergency fund that can be used for the families should the need arise. Oftentimes we need to help artisans with the repairs needed after common natural disasters such as flooding and mudslides. We also help our artisans with medical bills and emergencies when necessary. Empower for Hope has been so fortunate to have been able to provide employment and support over the last 6 years. But we didn’t get here alone and we can’t go forward without a caring community behind us.

With two sponsors per Burundian family, at $75 each per month, we can bless 16 families and sustain them for this time. That means we just need 30 people to add us to their monthly charitable giving and we will have this problem solved!

Text SPONSORHOPE to 44-321 to donate or share our Artisans Sponsorship Page to help support this crucial mission.

By signing up, to help sponsor a family, each month you will receive an update on the 16 artisans and the 80 children and family members depending on them. Just 32 people can help us cover the costs of these artisan families that are out of work and desperate for the means to care for their families. As much as they would rather be working, it’s just not feasible right now with current conditions.

Won’t you join us in becoming a Hope Family Sponsor for 2021 for $75 each month?

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