What does water mean to you?

The United Nations wants to know what water means to us because today is World Water Day and what better time to share what water means to Empower for Hope! By helping Goreth Inarukundo purchase land south of the capital in the Province of Bujumbura Rural, we are able to bring to life our mission of empowering artisans and helping the community with training and medical care. An essential part of this mission begins with clean and accessible water.

Amahoro CURA Hope Center from Empower for Hope on Vimeo.

Why is water important for the Burundi Project?

Without water on the property, we cannot begin the concrete and brickwork to start the building process. By offering the community access to our well, people nearby will not have to walk as far to get water which in turn helps children be able to attend school instead of carrying water. Empower for Hope will be improving water quality, sanitation, and hygiene of the people on the property as well as the community around it. We are exploring well-drilling options and partnerships with water organizations.

Child Carrying Water

What role will water play in the future of Amahoro Handcrafts?

The Amahoro CURA Hope Center will include a vocational training center and medical clinic. Accessible and clean running water is necessary for everything we will do there.

Clean water equals:

  • Health and hygiene, fewer adults and children dying from parasites, and fewer water bourn diseases.

  • Medical clinic operations

  • Sanitation facilities

  • Garden to grow vegetables for artisans

Empower for Hope is eager to begin this journey for the center. We are so grateful for all of your support to make this crucial need possible for our Amahoro community.

Read more about the water needs of Burundi in this PDF.

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