About Us

Founded on a Desire For Change

Christin Boone met Goreth Inarukundo in 2008 because she opened her home to a stranger, invited by her church, that needed a welcoming place to land for a few days. Although Goreth did not speak any English, she told the story of her life through her friend Grace that was visiting too. Christin learned of the plight of Goreth and the women in war-torn Burundi, how they survived genocide as young girls, how she was called by God back to her country to heal the broken women who had lost husbands and sons. 

Christin and Goreth had one common language, and it was the common language of sewing and creating something beautiful with fabric. Having grown up with a mother who sewed to put her through college, Christin could relate to how sewing could change a life. 

Together, over the last 11 years, Christin and Goreth have cared for, counseled, and encouraged hundreds of women and created thousands of products to wholesale and retail customers.

In 2017, Christin began working with refugee women who have gone through the sewing training and ministry of Make Welcome, part of Project 658, in her hometown of Charlotte. These women are an integral part of the Empower for Hope mission to empower women to be business owners and provide economic opportunities that otherwise they may not have.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and provide vulnerable women with opportunities for a better economic and educational future for themselves and their children by giving them the tools to become financially self-sufficient while healing their brokenness with supporting resources and love.

Empower for Hope connects caring consumers, skilled craftsmen, and inspirational leaders with vulnerable women to bring dignity and economic opportunity. We accomplish this by:

  • By providing education and training in crafting skills to allow women to make earn fair wages for their work
  • By providing education and training in life and business skills to help women become more financially savvy, healthy and self-sufficient
  • By raising funds through product sales and donors to foster growth and the ability to reach more impoverished women

Our core values are:

  • Dignity – We feel that dignity is far more important than creating products. Making women we work with feel whole spiritually, personally and emotionally is our goal. Through product sales and support we provide, we work to that end.
  • Collaboration – We believe that working with artisans to create products to alleviate poverty is a partnership. Their skills and ideas are celebrated and together we can create products that will be profitable and therefore aid in their efforts to become financially sound.
  • Fairness – We believe in fair wages and good working conditions. If we can improve the surroundings in which they work, we will do so.
  • Service – We believe that God calls us to a life of servitude to others and Himself. We put the needs of our artisans above our own and what God calls us to do above all else.

While Empower for Hope is operated by followers of Christ, we believe all people created in God’s image are worthy of love, dignity, and respect regardless of their beliefs. 


CURA For The World

Through our partnership with CURA For The World we will begin building a medical clinic in rural Burundi in 2021. They are on a mission to build medical clinics in remote communities in dire need for medical care. They are transforming lives for generations to come and provide sustainable food security programs and clean water access to help these communities flourish.

CURA for the World was founded on a vision to heal and nourish the neglected, to break the chains of poverty, and to have limitless love in a world where love is often forgotten.

To learn more about our campaign to purchase land in Burundi to build the clinic, go here.

Make Welcome

Make Welcome offers free sewing classes for refugee and immigrant women in Charlotte, NC. Their beautiful, light-filled classroom at the Project 658 Center is a haven for women who have endured the trauma of flight from their home countries and the difficulties of resettling in a new home. They are compelled by the love of Christ to care for our neighbors in hands-on, practical service. For students who desire employment, we are working hard to increase employment opportunities through both stay-at-home manufacturing and small batch crafted production.